How Are We Fighting COVID – 19

As the whole nation comes together to fight against COVID 19, Imad Foundation understand the need of the hour and leave no stone unturned in reaching the Hasan Nagar and nearby community people with quality products like edible oils, rice, wheat flour, pulses etc. As a Social worker Mr. Moahammed Ibrahim contributed to various movements during COVID 19.

Precisely, we have distributed more than 3000 litre edible oil and large quantities of food grains for free among people living in the vicinity in Hasan Nagar and nearby localities. Free food is being served to the needy, and food packets distributed. Food kits, containing flour, rice, and pulses, have also been distributed.

Additionally, we are working closely with a number of NGOs, charity organizations, and religious institutions to ensure uninterrupted supply of essential food essentials at subsidized rates to them.